Terms & Conditions

Nature of Service

MB Investigation has no control over the information obtained throughout the duration of the investigation and is only liable for the enquiries being made. By accepting our nature of service you also agree to the MB Investigation terms and conditions that have been supplied to you. You are responsible to ensure the information is used responsibly and for legal reasons.

Client Agreement Terms & Conditions

1. Client Identification
a) The client may be asked by MB Investigation to provide proof of identity.
b) All identification must be in date and to current UK standards within the guidelines of acceptable proof of identification.
c) The client may be asked to provide proof of address in the form of a utility bill no older than 3 months.
d) All identification and proof of address is secured by MB Investigation in accordance to the GDPR and is not shared with any third parties.
e) Failure to provide proof of identity upon request will result in immediate termination of any work
with no refund issued.

2. Command
a) The operational command of all operatives is the sole responsibility of MB Investigation management.
b) Client information is regarded as third party intelligence and is to be assessed by MB Investigation management before informing the operatives on the ground.
c) The operatives on the ground have final decision to act on any intelligence gained, if the threat of compromise to the operation or risk to the operative’s safety is high.
d) MB Investigation management has total control of all operational decisions unless deemed too high risk of compromise to the operation or high risk of safety to the operatives (see 2c).
e) The planning and positioning of the operative’s initial period of surveillance is the responsibility of MB Investigation management.

3. Tracker Deployment
a) MB Investigation must have a legal and justified reason to deploy a tracker. This will be discussed with the client before any action or payment is taken.
b) All tracker information gained is the responsibility of the client.
c) The amount of tracker information provided to the client will be set before any payment is taken and will only pertain to the parameters and objectives of their investigation.
d) If a tracker is lost during the service, it is the responsibility of the client to refund MB Investigation the cost of the equipment.

4. Surveillance
a) Operational organisation is the responsibility of MB Investigation management.
b) The operatives on the ground determine the safety of the operation and themselves.
c) The Client will receive photographic updates IF POSSIBLE and SAFE to do so during the live operation from the operatives on the ground via MB Investigation management.
d) The client will not have any contact with the operatives on the ground in any context. Unless deemed operationally necessary by MB Investigation management.
e) The client will not contact or make any attempt to visit the location of the assigned subject (s) whilst the operation is on-going. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of the surveillance and loss of the assigned days hours.

5. Time Assigned
a) The assigned surveillance days are fixed and not transferable unless deemed by MB Investigation management as operationally non-productive. E.g. subject is out of the country, away from the home address for an extended period. However, if the decision of non-productive surveillance is made by MB Investigation management the client will lose four hours of surveillance time to cover the operational costs of travel incurred by the operatives.
b) The assigned surveillance time per day is fixed and cannot be transferred or changed, should the client wish to stand the operatives down before the assigned finish time on ANY day the client will lose the surveillance hours allocated to that day unless the decision is made by MB
Investigation management as non-productive (see 5a).
c) Only with the agreement of MB Investigation management can the surveillance start and finish time be altered. The limitation to any alteration is as follows: one hour before or after the original agreed surveillance start time when the surveillance service agreement was initiated and only extend by the hour with zero limitation past the agreed finish time when the surveillance service agreement was initiated. These alterations will be deducted from the assigned total hours for the surveillance service if there is an increase in hours for that day.
d) The Client can add additional hours or days to the surveillance service related to their case at any time by contacting the MB Investigation management during working hours 08:00 till 21:00 Monday to Saturday and 10:00 till 17:00 Sunday to make payment for the additional hours.

6. Evidence
a) All evidence captured will be Time Date Stamped (TDS) as per the legal requirement for use as evidence in a court of law.
b) All evidence gathered will be of a high quality and in HD format.
c) Evidence gathered will be on professional surveillance standard equipment, the use of mobile/cellular phone is regarded as professional standard in situations where camera equipment would compromise the safety of the operatives or the operation but is only to be used in extreme circumstances, e.g. Battery fails on covert/professional equipment after prolonged use, threat of safety to the operatives, high security areas.
d) Mobile/Cellular phones is not regarded as covert capability and will not be accepted, unless clearance or extreme circumstances (see 6c) is identified to MB Investigation management beforehand, or reasonable evidence should be given in contact with MB Investigation
management that other covert capability should not be operationally possible.
e) It is the responsibility of MB Investigation management to ascertain the equipment available for the surveillance operation prior to assigning the operatives to the surveillance task.
f) All evidence captured will be in video or photographic format.
g) Video evidence gathered will be no less than 5 seconds in length.
h) Opening and closing shots will be taken by all operatives assigned to the surveillance task in video format.
i) Operatives must take evidential footage of signage and location front of all locations visited.
j) All evidence will be delivered to MB Investigation management from the operatives and to the client via the We Transfer program for security as per the GDPR requirement.
k) It is the responsibility of the operatives to ensure all evidence gathered on the surveillance task is delivered to MB Investigation management within 24 hours of the end of the daily task, e.g. surveillance task initiated on Thursday 0900 till 1700 evidence must be TDS and delivered to
MB Investigation management by Friday 1700.
l) MB Investigation operatives are required to save the footage gathered for 30 days as per the GDPR Guidelines.
m) All evidence gathered belongs to the client.

7. Report Writing
a) It is the responsibility of the nominated operative on the ground to compile the surveillance report to a high standard on completion of the day’s activities and delivered via WeTransfer to MB Investigation management within 24 hours.
b) MB Investigation Management will conduct a report check prior to delivering to the client.
c) All reports will be accompanied by the supporting footage for every operative deployed on the day’s surveillance.
d) The use of the MB Investigation surveillance report template is the only report that will be accepted.
e) The use of google maps is authorised to show general and detailed mapping of the locations.
f) The report will only describe evidence gathered or eye witness accounts that is supported by the footage taken.
g) The report will be truthful and factual.
h) The client will receive each report within 48 hours of the specific surveillance day, e.g. surveillance finished Thursday 1700 the client will receive the completed report no later than 1700 Saturday. This applies unless the client has opted for a task end (on completion of the full surveillance) report.

8. Confidentiality and Criminal Activity
a) MB Investigation undertakes to not share any information in relation to this agreement with any third parties, unless required to do so by the prevailing law.
b) In the event that the operative’s cover is exposed, MB Investigation undertakes to keep the name and contact details of their client confidential from any party seeking to elicit such information.
c) MB Investigation guarantees 100% confidentiality to all parties involved in any surveillance or investigation being conducted in the company name or on behalf of private, corporate or government clients.
d) All information is held for 30 days in accordance with the GDPR guidelines and will not be shared with any third parties, unless required to do so by the prevailing law or MB Investigation observes criminal activity or immediate danger to life.
e) On completion of the 30 days, all imagery will be destroyed in accordance with GDPR guidelines.
f) Case file and reports produced will be held for 5 years as required by legal standards.
g) If MB Investigation is hired by the service client to conduct illegal activity on their behalf or employed under false pretences, the contract between MB Investigation and the requested service client is terminated immediately without refund of any kind.
h) If MB Investigation reasonably suspects the client has been dishonest about their motives for the investigation, the work will be immediately terminated without a refund of any kind.
i) All client and case information are submitted to the prevailing Law if requested to do so, if it is identified that MB Investigation has been contracted to conduct illegal activity on behalf of the client through the use of the services provided.

9. Refund policy
a) The client will be entitled to a full refund if an operation or investigation is compromised as a direct result of a failing on the part of MB Investigation.
b) If the client wishes to terminate an agreement before any work has been conducted they are permitted to do so with minimum 24 hours notice before the work begins, at a small cancelation fee relative to their investigation.
c) If the client wishes to terminate an agreement after work has begun at no fault on the part of MB Investigation no refund will be issued.
d) MB Investigation will not issue a refund in the case the desired outcome of the investigation was not achieved, as long as works have been completed as instructed.
e) If hired for an illegal purpose, under false pretences or MB Investigation reasonably suspects the client has been dishonest about their motives, work will be terminated and no refund will be issued.
f) No refund will be issued if the request for a refund is made more than three (3) months after payment has cleared.
g) The client will be issued a full refund if MB Investigation deems there is no way for the planned works to be completed or carried out.
h) If the primary objective of the investigation is completed before the full works have been carried out, the client may be entitled to a partial refund of the overall payment.